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Are you missing a tooth due to dental extraction, accident or a sport injury? The TempTooth method enables you to make a realistic, temporary false tooth in the comfort of your own home simply & inexpensively - for ONLY £24.99 + p&p.
Visit our FAQ page for more information on how to make a tooth replacement.

Make your own tooth with TempTooth

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"Just wanted to tell you that I made my tooth and it really looks good. I will say this, this is an amazing kit. I will definitely be in touch if I need some more." Kathy R. Mitchum, Surrey, England

  • The materials used in TempTooth are non-toxic, food-safe and biodegradable.

  • Step by step directions walk you through how to make a replacement tooth.

  • The tooth replacement process requires no special tools or equipment to create a realistic tooth.

  • Does not require the use of dental cement or adhesives

  • Easy to do using our process (pat. pending).
The Temp Tooth process let's you make a new tooth easily and at low cost. Limited income or the lack of dental coverage shouldn't stand in the way of your smile. ORDER TODAY!
Tooth Replacement
Kit Includes:

  • Enough material to make approximately 10 temporary teeth.

  • Instructional colour brochure with easy-to-follow directions, plus a protected web address to view a 3D animated video on how to make your tooth.

  • Our money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Temporary tooth replacement kit
ONLY £24.99 + p&p
Order Today!
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lovely smile after replacing missing tooth with TempTooth
Make a new tooth in a matter of minutes
Get rid of that unsightly gap from a missing tooth and regain your self-esteem.
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The Temp Tooth option should be considered for cosmetic and temporary purposes only to replace a missing tooth.
PERMANENT tooth replacement requires a visit to your dentist.
"Just wanted you to know that my package arrived this morning and your product looks GREAT!. I'm so pleased with the results. I'm a flight attendant so it's great to smile again!" Gayle
Temporary false tooth replacement that is cheap to buy and quick to fit

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"I'm now convinced. It's nice to find a fairly priced product that actually works as advertised.  I made a replacement tooth on the very first try. It looks good, is comfortable and eliminates an embarrassing gap. This is an outstanding product!" R.Foate
"Have just received the product.  Within 15 minutes I had a replacement tooth.  So easy to do.  I just wish I had found your product a few months ago! The best few quid I've ever spent." 
Lee C. Lancashire, England
TempTooth guarantee
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Temp Tooth method for tooth replacement
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Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about TempTooth that isn't answered on our FAQ page.

Your Temporary Tooth Looks Realistic, Is Durable, Stays In Tight, Yet Is Removable. The Perfect Missing Tooth Option.

TempTooth is designed to be just that - a temporary solution until you can arrange/afford a more permanent one.

We recommend that you regularly visit your dentist to keep your teeth in a strong, healthy condition. Future problems can arise if missing teeth are not professionally dealt with in a timely manner.
TempTooth, the amazing temporary tooth replacement method that allows you to quickly replace a missing tooth, is now being distributed in the UK and throughout Europe. 1000's of kits have been sold to satisfied customers. Rediscover your smile and self-confidence.
The safe, affordable way to replace a missing tooth
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